Invisible Tibet: One of the most read blogs

With the advanced technologies, specifically, social media, more and more Tibetans are bringing their voices onto different online platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and etc. There are many groups who have strong online presence. To name a few: Students for a Free Tibet has its own channel on YouTube (, International Campaign for Tibet also has its own website  ( and Khabdha  ( owns a website and a Facebook account.

Also, there are individual writers who disseminate their voices through blogging. There is one  most popular and outspoken blogger, who I believe has the most readerships.

Tsering Woeser, writes her blog under the title, Invisible Tibet ( She is one of the most well known writers, and is a prominent critic of the Chinese rule. Her works focus on the deteriorating situation in Tibet. She has been actively blogging about the countrywide protest in Tibet in 2008, and also on the chain of recent self-immolations in Tibet. She has been subjected to house arrest many times before, and occasionally has been playing hide and seek with the Chinese government. Her blog came under the threat of being shut down frequently. Despite all the hurdles and threats, she keeps writing. The world has recognized her bravery, intelligence, integrity, resilience and sacrifice. She has been awarded many prestigious prizes.

Two days ago, on May 3rd, her blog, Invisible Tibet was voted as the public’s choice at the Best of Blogs’ Competition (’s+blog+voted+public’s+choice+at+Best+of+Blog’s+comeptition), organized by the German radio station, Deutsche Welle.

May there be a day when she can write freely. I pray for her safety and admire her courage.


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