Experience of Blogging Thus Far

I am happy that I finally got my hands on creating a blog. I have been thinking of having a blog for quite a long time, but never really had one until now. I have always wanted to write and express my thoughts and experiences – especially the thoughts that I believe matter. Despite the uncertainty of whether in reality, if people care about my voice or not, I always felt that I had the responsibility to try for the least. Unlike my Tibetan brothers and sisters, many of who still live under fear, and restrain from expressing themselves fully, I am for the time being, out of danger zone. Therefore, I feel that I must take the given opportunity fully and wisely and speak my mind. As such, I have decided to write about my experiences and thoughts on a weekly basis, and connect them to my identity as a Tibetan.

So far, I have written several blog entries on Tibet. For some entries, I analyzed news articles, I guess, from a Tibetan perspective. Othertimes, I wrote posts based on my recent experiences or distant memories. In both the cases, it was just wonderful to get somethings off my chest. I was very happy to read interesting and thought provoking questions and comments on my posts, from my fellow classmates. I have been again assured that there are people who are interested in knowing more about what is happening on the Roof of the World.

Another accomplishment from writing blog posts frequently, is that it has helped me with my writing to a good extent. Whenever I write a blog post, I would read it again and again, to make sure that it makes sense. Besides the short “status updates” and “notes” on Facebook, my blog is the only place, where people other than my teachers, have access to my written work. Hence, I would be extra careful with my image as a writer.

In a nutshell, it has been a great experience to have a blog. I have shared several of my blog posts on other online sites, such as Facebook and also sent via emails. I am will keep my blog even after this class. I agree that it is a challenge to keep up with the blog entries, but it is a worth-trying experience.


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