Participatory Culture & Participation Gap

DIY: DO IT YOURSELF and then BROADCAST YOURSELF: YouTube seem to sum up pretty accurately the world we live in, in certain parts of the world – say for example, in the West. In most of the developed countries, many people can afford things beyond their basic necessities. For example, cellphones and going up the economic scale: ipad, iphones, smartphones, Macbooks, PCs, and almost every possible means of communication and interaction.

But as Henry Jenkins points out, there is a huge online participation gap between those who have the means and the knowledge to participate versus those do not.  For most of the articles that we read on online participatory culture, the writers have the Americans (or more accurately the upper class families) on their minds. But those who are trying hard to make ends meet, they are far from being represented in the web that we draw to depict the pattern of participatory culture. So it is really a bit of an exaggeration when we talk so much about how the millennial generation is going to take over the world with their iphones and ipads. If we were to talk about the millennials in the context of the larger world outside the West,  general perception of youths as walking everywhere with a smartphone in their hands, and frequently being on Facebook, has to change. For they are many who still do not what Facebook is.


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