Visioning Tibet (2005)

What would you choose if you were to choose either one of the two: your vision or your hearing? For me, I would choose my vision. I would rather see my world than hear it. I cannot imagine a world without seeing my family members and friends. If I could see and not hear, I would be of course so sad. But I would be much sadder if I suddenly lose the ability to see my loved ones.

It is unfortunately true that so many of the Tibetans still live in an environment where there is lack of medical assistance for the poor nomads or farmers. They have to travel days and nights to get to the town where they might be able to see a doctor. But in so many cases it is either so difficult to carry out the journey or it is too late by the time the patient reaches the hospital.

The film, Visioning Tibet (2005) depicts one of the most common problems the elderly and also the young Tibetans encounter on the Tibetan Plateau – developing cataracts. The director follows the journey of two American eye doctors who travel to Tibet to train the Tibetan doctors in eye surgical procedures, so that the Tibetans themselves can help each other in the long run. I am truly moved by the powerful documentary film. It touched my heart to see those helpless and familiar-looking faces in the film. I wish that I could go back to my country once in a while to contribute back to my society. I wish I were a part of the project. I am also very grateful to the American doctors who helped so many Tibetans. It is indeed a good way of expressing one’s compassion.


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