Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars

Are they confident? Yes. Are you they optimistic about life? Not really apparent. Are they tech-savvy? Veronica is, but Rory, does not seem so. Are they obedient to the authorities? A BIG NO!

Both Rory and Veronica are teenage girls trying to find their places in the society. They are growing up with many questions about life and themselves. But they do not like the idea of leaning on their parents for the answers to all their problems. Rather, they are decisive and stubborn, and seeks the answers to many questions on their own, through their own experiences. For instance, Veronica challenges the people who troubles her and resolves many of her day-to-day life problems, without needing an adult support. She faces all kind of bullying at her school yet she stands up for herself and for others who cannot do the same. For instance, in the pilot, she is the only person who dares to save Wallace Fennel from further embarrassment by untying him from the pole. She is also so brave to go to the extent of challenging the corrupted sheriff of the town on her own. She brings justice for herself and for others in her community. Thus she is not only beautiful and stylish, but  also very courageous and independent.

Rory also portrays herself as a young girl of a decisive, stubborn, confident and independent nature. Though she gets along pretty well with her mother, she rebuffs when her mother crosses certain limit. She wants to decide it for herself when it comes to dating and her life at the school. She does not like the idea of coming back to a shoulder to lean on and pouring down all her secrets. Though she is unsure of the consequences of her decision, she is unwilling to share her insecurities and confusions with her mother. For instance, even though she argues with her mother and insists that her decision not to go to Chilton is firm, she worries about the consequences for herself and her mother.

Be it Rory in Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars in Veronica Mars, they both share one undeniable commonality: unwillingness to bow down to the authorities. Veronica defies the law by going after the sheriff. She also goes against her father’s advices. Behind his back, she risks her life by searching for the evidences to solving the mysteries in her best friend’s murder. Though Rory is not involved in any crime investigations, she too rebels when her mother tries to break the boundary between them. She refuses to talk to mother about Dean.

Therefore, I agree with Eric Hoover that it is not easy to put all the millennial youngsters into the same box, with labels such as “confident”, “special”, “obedient to authorities”, “tech-savvy” and so on. Even within a family, each individual member differ greatly from one other. Then how can some few so called “experts” – who themselves actually do not belong into the millennial generation – squeeze the entire millennial generation into one tiny and overtly simplified box?



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