Kyle XY versus Veronica Mars


What glues one to a particular TV show or a film, or any other forms of story telling, is a relatable or more importantly, a reliable narrator.  A narrator, usually the main character, has the crucial role of bearing a truthful (or seemingly) image. He or she has the longest screen time, meaning that he/she is under scrutiny for the longest period. The viewers carefully observe each and every action of the character and thereby convince themselves that there is virtually no boundary between the two worlds – story-world (character’s world) and the real world. Thus a reliable narrator transcends the screen to invite the loyal viewers into the story-world.

As in Kyle XY and Veronica Mars, without a doubt, one would choose to trust Veronica more than Kyle. Who would trust someone, who does not know who the heck he is? Who would trust someone who pretends not to know a word of human language, yet picks up hundreds in a day or few? Who would trust someone who claims to be alien to all the human emotions, but then risks his life for a girl (in a brotherly manner), whose mother takes him in? But does he even know what a mother is? Or does he know what the relationship is among the four people at his host home? His attempt at drawing us in into his world by mumbling few words from time to time – describing his inner world – catches us off guard. Whenever he speaks, I had the urge to shout out, “What the heck did you say?” – rebuffing in a pretentious way. If Kyle pretends (and he clearly fails) not to know human language, then I pretend not understand the words he speaks, even though they sound worldly.

Veronica on the other hand is not only a reliable, but also an admirable character. She not only exposes us to all-there-is-to-know about her life, but does it under a human mask. She is not some kind of weird alien, who does not have a belly button. She looks and acts (most of the time) just like a girl next door. But she is heroic for her bravery to face traumas and dramas of life at a young age. Thus, I say YAY to Veronica Mars and NAY to Kyle XY .

“Veronica Mars is a marshmallow.”

But she still is cool the way she is.


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